Attention and hyperactivity disorders in adults can be more difficult to pinpoint than in children. It is easy for adults to attribute the symptoms of ADHD or ADD to stress or lack of sleep, or simply write them off as personality traits. With a clear diagnosis and the right combination of treatment, Integrative Behavioral Care can help you move beyond the frequent frustrations or limitations that may be caused by adult ADHD/ADD.

Even when children are properly diagnosed with ADHD/ADD, symptoms can worsen or return in adulthood as family and career compound responsibilities. Diagnosing adult ADHD or adult ADD can be critical to success, productivity, and happiness. Integrative Behavioral Care will work closely with you to find the right mix of therapy and behavioral strategies that enable you to excel. She may also prescribe ADD or ADHD medication to help manage symptoms.

Parents of adolescents with ADHD or ADD will find a compassionate ally in Integrative Behavioral Care. We can help you maintain the delicate balance of ADHD treatment and behavioral therapy, partnering with you to advocate for your teen’s success.

Adults and teens with ADD/ADHD often suffer from emotional difficulties, depression, or other mood disorders as a result of misdiagnosis or lack of treatment. Integrative Behavioral Care’s expertise in pharmacology enables her to lend comprehensive support to ADD and ADHD patients, regardless of their level of need.

Integrative Behavioral Care will help you understand and improve ADHD and ADD Symptoms including:

  • Restlessness, limited concentration, and forgetfulness
  • Procrastination, lack of organization, and chronic lateness
  • Mood swings, irritability, and shortened temper
  • Hypersensitivity and easily stressed
  • Hyperfocus on less productive pursuits
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Work performance or academic success
  • Risky or impulsive behaviors
  • Gambling, alcohol, or drug addiction